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Infinity Challenge - As one says

When I was twenty years old, after I endured through a day, when I anxiously lay down to sleep and I would worry ‘What do I do tomorrow?’ Even when I closed my two eyes, I just couldn’t fall asleep and when I’d get so frustrated that it hurt, I deeply pondered ‘What can’t I? Why can’t I succeed?’ Doing as one determines, doing as one thinks seemed like a lie, I hung my head down low. But then one day, I found a small but amazing realization in my heart. And I got to dream ‘What would I do tomorrow?’ To be honest, I never ran crazily toward something and I thought about this and I set myself up on my feet. Doing as one say. The moment I saw that this was possible I decided to believe it. Don’t stop, don’t fall down, just look ahead and run, walk your path. Those are the many things that people around me said to me, but the thing I had to listen to the most was the small story in my heart right now. Challenge is infinitely, life is eternally. Doing as one says, doing as one says, doing as one says.

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